Part of the journey

Isn’t life about the journey and changes? Well, it certainly is for this couple! We started this blog and Instagram as a way to focus on fitness and health, which is still a major part of our journey, but life is about so many side paths as well. Everyone seems to be pulled in so many directions these days!

For example we are definitely focused on our well-being and healthy food choices, but we are also focused on building a tiny home,  renovating the home that we thought between the fire and smoke damage would just be sold ‘as is’ with the lot, but after closer evaluating we have decided to remodel it, converting our 4×4 big van into not a work vehicle for the hunter, but aslo a travel van for long weekend trips, I’m working fulltime as well as focusing on my freelance writing career, then throw in time with family and friends and anything else you can think of and we have quite a busy journey….BUT we are loving every minute of it!

So, with our life plates full, I finally made time to start my reboot as part of my well-being regimen – more details as posted in another article – Well-being: Mental and physical nourishment. Ask yourself ‘what are my health focused goals and what are my limits?‘ Suggestions:

No matter what level you are at, movement and mental focus are important…there are some great online resources for various stages of exercise plans and the same for meditation and yoga. Personally, I’m still utilizing beginner videos and charts and find it very refreshing, renewing and nourishing. I linked a few above, but I’m happy to share more of my personal favs, if anyone is interested, just ask!

The reboot went great. I prepared by including lots of water as the website instructions suggests. I purchased several of the approved foods for the three day reboot (which IS NOT a cleanse, I went on with my normal life and did not have any issues). I purchased apples, kiwis, leafy greens, hummus, cucumbers, blueberries, mixed nuts, sugar free almond butter, and avocados. We even ate out on the second night and I had steamed veggies and a salad. The instructions suggest cutting out caffeine which I did for the most part, but I did enjoy my morning cup of coffee on the first two days.

On the fourth day, after all of the reboot capsules were taken I started the FundaMentals pack. I’ve been taking this group for about a week and I have much more energy and honestly juts an overall calmness. It’s nice, but not drastic and no jitters or anything at all. I take the powder in about a half of cup of coffee with some coconut cream. I don’t really care for the taste, but in the coffee it is almost undetected! So far I’m really liking the products and will incorporate the multivitamin once I make sure my stomach will handle these products OK, which so far they have!

I’ll keep you posted 🙂



New Year, new outlook & self-care

My husband and I are exploring life and this blog and Instagram account journey started with just looking to change our diet…well, as many changes in life, one thing changes another! With a new year ahead we thought it was a good time to revisit our goals and focus. We are of course focused on our health and diet. I’m currently eating almost primarily vegetarian and gluten free, hubby is also, but he is fasting in between from 48 hours to 7 days at a time. We are not following the exact same diet, but it’s working for us! We are focused on finalizing plans and starting the tiny home build. We have the van now too and although it’s primarily a work vehicle for the moment, it’s going to pull the tiny home and also be fixed up as a weekend exploring van…Mr. Boss Van 🙂 . I’m writing more and spent the weekend finishing a second draft of two different children’s books! We have a lot going on and self nourishment is very important for us to stay healthy and focused!

I’ve been asked about my own routine and I’m happy to share it! No two people follow the same self nourishment journey. Everyone is unique with a unique daily routine. I have put together my personal top four main topics with a few suggestions; keeping it open to interpretation so you can find your own routine, goal focus or self nourishment regimen.

The topics can be part of a daily routine, focused on weekly or whatever works best for you! I feel each topic is a compliment of the next and work side by side with one another; they play well together. I will be sharing a 12-month plan suggestion for those who are interested in more details, so that will be coming soon!

Whether you have discovered a routine or new to the entire process I hope you find this helpful and encouraging!

  • Well-being: Mental and physical nourishment. Ask yourself ‘what are my health focused goals and what are my limits?‘ Suggestions – stretching, walking, exercise, yoga, meditation, nutritional supplements, healthy conscience eating, ensuring you drink enough water, get outside as often as you can. No matter what level you are at, movement and mental focus are important…there are some great online resources for various stages of exercise plans and the same for meditation and yoga. Personally, I’m still utilizing beginner videos and charts and find it very refreshing, renewing and nourishing. I linked a few above, but I’m happy to share more of my personal favs, if anyone is interested, just ask!
  • Spirit: Solitude and feeding your spirit/soul. Ask yourself ‘what do I want to do to feel more joy or how can I increase my self growth and love?’ Create, gratitude through journaling, making time for one or more hobbies, positive self-affirmations (I am…healthy, worthy, resilient, strong, enough, etc.) and reading/studying topics that bring you joy.
  • Support Circle: Mutual relationships; the balance and completeness of a circle. Ask yourself ‘who balances with me and provides a balanced mutually supportive relationship…who completes your circle and welcomes you into theirs?’ Give and receive support and encouragement, humor and care, sharing laughter and listening. This is a balance of family, friends, coworkers or other like minded groups (parenting, craft, recovery, book club, etc.). Provide positive praise, show kindness, feel safe and comfortable being yourself.
  • Productivity: Daily routine. Ask yourself ‘what is my current routine/schedule and what changes do I want for my future routine/schedule?’ This includes your career or the way you spend the majority of your days. If you are retired, focusing on your health, stay at home parent, homemaker…this could be focused on volunteering, implementing processes at home or work to ensure you find time for self nourishment and caring for yourself. Learn a new hobby or possible career change or supplemental income to help balance your budget. Focus on creating a daily routine that brings you joy, peace and steps to accomplish your personal specific goals. Setting goals helps with this process, both daily goals and long term focused ones.

One quote/affirmation I repeat to myself often is ‘I am exactly where I need to be, if not I’d be somewhere else.’ It makes me smile, it is simple…yet oh so true. It helps remind me I have control. I can focus on steps toward my bigger goal or I can re-evaluate my goals and take steps to learn something new. It’s all about what feeds me, where I find nourishment and giving myself permission to discover all of my unique interests.

We are all unique…embrace it through your self-discovery to a personalized nourishment journey.

I’d love to hear how others nourish themselves or answer any questions you have!

Thank you for reading. Have a great day!

The journey…

The journey continues and actually I think it will always continue; that is why it’s a journey. Even with a few bumps in the road, we are staying positive and open to continued self-discovery.

My husband and I started focusing on our diet and health in June. We have eaten ‘pretty well’ (no fast food, limiting processed foods, etc.) for several years now, we’ve been a little active, and communicated well, but in June we both said we wanted to feel better, we wanted to focus on completing some of our goals on a rather long list (primarily building a tiny home and to stop paying rent in our studio apartment!) and we wanted to take this journey hand and hand. Our goals and outlook are similar, but our dietary needs and wants very different. He was (yes I say was with much surprise), a meat eater; the hunter. I have an intolerance to gluten and red meat does not digest well, so I was eating a lot of veggies, gluten free items, chicken and fish.

This journey sure opened our eyes. We tried the high protein (more animal fat and meat) approach and a couple of weeks in we both felt sluggish. I assumed my feeling was also due to having fibromyalgia, digestive issues and a lot of stress at work. But we changed up our eating habits, cutting out almost all meat. With a few tweaks here and there, we both felt better.

Even with the diet changes, focusing on organic meals as much as possible, I was still dealing with high levels of stress and feeling very tired, having an upset stomach, headaches, and even some anxiety. Stress at work has decreased, but my body and immune system seem to still be suffering.  I have been battling a cold or flu bug since Sunday. I’m very restless and frustrated to say the least.

Several friends told us about Amare Global, a natural mental wellness company. I really like several of their taglines. For example, “Live well. Make a difference” and “Amare means to love. And love is the universal language. Yet, in order to truly love others, we believe you must first start by loving yourself.” 

After seeing and hearing the results from friends who completed a 3 day re-boot and started taking some of their other products, my husband researched it more and told me about it, with the hope it might just be the extra step I’ve been looking for to feel better. He offered to try the products first and has had amazing results, he lost 5 more pounds, he has more energy, sleeps better, and is feeling more motivated. Needless to say this made me very excited. As soon as I get over this flu bug I’m doing the 3-day reboot. It’s three days! Why not? Right? Right.

With my dietary sensitivities and fibromyalgia, I’m not one to quickly take something new, but with all of the personal testimonies I’ve heard from friends, AND my husband and reading the detail ingredient lists online! I’m excited to try it. I plan on starting it next week, Thursday. I have heard that the third day can come with a headache, so I’m planning ahead. I’m going to track my results here and share my personal experience, but if you’d like to research it more for yourself, visit

Thank you so much for reading and checking in on our journey! I look forward to sharing more very soon!


Mental and physical wellness

The plan was to have many more post to this blog by now, but you know how life can take you on a detour. We have still been focused on wellness and healthy diet, but we limit our meat intake now and eat a lot more veggies and fruits. I’m eating more dairy than usual, but working on limiting that too.

The featured photo is one of my favorite breakfast choices; organic granola/oats with pecans and banana and topped with almond milk. The hunter is eating a mix of cucumbers, avocados, and tomatoes with almond butter (yes, almond butter), this meal is his go to. As odd as it may sound to you, it’s amazing and odd to me as well…mostly because he is limiting his meat intake to almost none!

I have lost about 20 pounds and he has lost about 22 since June 5th. We plan on adding in more exercise very soon. I have still been dealing with headaches, tiredness and some overall aches and pains. I’m assuming most of this is from some stress (mostly at work). BUT I have to stress that since eliminating almost all processed sugar I feel so much better today than even a few months ago.

We recently went to a tiny home festival and we are even more excited about our plans to build our tiny home. We met some great people there, builders and non-builders. The guys from Movable Roots and Donald from KY tiny homes answered so many of our questions! We explained we are planning on building our own home and even though they had homes for sale, they provided a lot of tips and information to us!

So, life is moving forward, the journey is proving to be mentally and physically rewarding. We are still supportive of each other and support the goals we have set, even with the changes in our diets, personal tastes and needs. We are on the right path and so grateful.

We will be posting more often!

Thank you for reading, please let us know if you have any tips to share or questions!

We’re under construction

I love this quote! I think we are always under construction; a work in progress. This happens to be a time in our lives (hubby and I) that we are under construction in almost every aspect; mentally, physically and even our home.

We are still learning about what works for us as far as a healthy lifestyle/diet. We are both seeing results and so far we are working through any discouraging moments. We are not only dealing with the meal and daily diet changes, but we are dealing with the mindset as well. We have to let go of the traditional eating ‘rules’ we were raised with (three meals a day, etc.). And we are, but it’s daily work. We deal with setbacks and frustrations. Thankfully we keep each other on track and work through it all. But, again it’s a mindset and staying focused and positive is very important.

Also, we are currently working on plans to build a tiny home (actual construction!). A few months ago we moved from a larger one bedroom apartment into a smaller studio apartment to get use to the smaller space and prepare us for our tiny home adventure. We have spent the last two years searching plans, saving, discussing space and what is important to us, downsizing, etc. Part of our downsizing was out of our control; we had a house fire about 2 1/2 years ago. When you lose everything and don’t have a say over what to keep and what to let go of, you tend to reevaluate your life, your goals, even yourself.

Once we awoken from our zombie state of insurance paperwork, grief of items lost forever, and needing to make quick decisions about rebuilding or making other living arrangements we said we could either look at this as a devastation and let it rule the rest of our lives or look at any opportunity that may lay under the rubble. We decided to simplify our lives even more. We were always fairly simple; our home was a modest two bedroom. We took some time and did some self discovery.

Once we focused on adapting to that major event we actually felt freedom, choice and a strange excitement and embraced the change that life tossed our way.

Right now we are searching opportunities for (and currently feeling pretty confident about) a lifestyle that will fit into our tiny home, a healthier body and a positive attitude.

So we are doing all of this out of a small space, a small kitchen, an even smaller fridge! But it’s working, it’s simple, it’s bringing us closer together and we are grateful.

We are finding that there is a lot of good information out there through blogs, articles, videos, etc.  We have gathered a lot that seems to work for us and found a sort of ‘hybrid’ health plan. For ‘the hunter hubby’, he is focused on fasting about 24 hours, Sundays tend to be a little less though, and he is increasing his protein and good fats. This gatherer (ish) wife, is focused on veggies, salads, decreased amounts of meat and fasting about 14 hours (from dinner to breakfast) and lots of water. I have recently cut out most fruits, so we will see if that helps speed up the weight loss any. I have currently lost about 9 pounds, in about 3 weeks, Hunter has lost about 10 pounds. We both feel our clothes fitting a lot differently though! And we are increasing the activity.

OK, enough for one post! Thank you (family, friends, strangers) for your patience and we hope you embrace your construction plans with excitement, love and patience 🙂

Tips or questions? Feel free to contact us. We obviously are not experts on any one subject, but we have learned a lot the past few years and love sharing that information about homes, debt, healthy lifestyle, etc.

Take care and thank you for reading!

The hunter and the gatherer.



The plan – not just diet, but a healthy lifestyle!

This will be the home for documenting our journey of finding a balance for our different health and dietary needs. We appreciate anyone joining us on this journey! For more information about what we are doing and why check out our About Us page.

Recently we decided to focus more on our health. One of the first things we did was increase our water intake. It’s AMAZING what a difference that has made! We also cut out processed sugar, which I thought would be a lot more difficult since I am a huge fan of sugar! But after learning how sugar feeds inflammation and I deal with joint pain, etc. and it might help that, I was game to try anything. It was amazing that after just two days I felt more energetic, slept better and experienced a lot less all over body aches and pains!

My husband and I wanted to find a lifestyle choice that we could both live with. Not just a diet or quick weight loss. We believe we have found it! We have increased our healthy fats. He has increased his protein more than I have, but we both have lowered our carbs intake. We drink a ton of water, I can’t stress that enough! A TON of water daily. It is amazing how much better we feel! It’s so simple, but so important!

He fasts longer than I do. I eat dinner between 5 to 7 each night and drink a cup of coffee in the morning, but I don’t eat breakfast until 9:30 or 10:00. Then lunch around 12 or 1:00. He is only eating dinner. He will adapt and tweak that as needed. Right now we are both just adding and subtracting foods and ways of eating them until we find our groove. We have researched the nutrition value of many foods and incorporate those into our diets. It’s important for us to be able to eat together, he loves to cook and I love to help him by prepping, etc. Despite different meal plans, we still cook together.

We will be posting a lot more soon and posting our meal/recipe pictures on Instagram!

Thank you again for checking in and reading about our journey!